Contact :

Chaussée de l’Ourthe 18
6900 Marche-en-Famenne
Tel.+32(0)84/31 38 18
Fax +32(0)84/31 51 68

ACF Fiduciaire Marche

As part of the extension of its commercial activities, ACFGroup took over an office in Marche-en-Famenne in 2016.

In 2020, a new extension project allowed this structure to develop an antenna located at Chaussée de Liège 624, 5100 Jambes.

ACF Fiduciaire Marche is member of the Institute for Tax Advisors & Accountants ( ITAA) .

ACF Fiduciaire Marche main areas of activity are the provision of accountancy services, advice and guidance and the preparation of tax returns for small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers.