ACFOffice at the service of your assets

ACFOffice (in partnership with Abbove) is an all-in-one wealth planning service that is aimed at helping senior executives manage and plan their assets.
that is aimed at helping senior executives manage and plan their assets.

Better understanding for peace of mind.

ACFOffice provides you with a clear and complete overview of all elements
of your wealth.

Better understanding what is at stake to be ready for the future.

ACFOffice offers you the keys to better dialogue around wealth management issues and to prepare future generations to take over.

Better preparation for achieving your objectives.

ACFOffice guides you step by step in preparing and achieving your wealth objectives, taking into account the challenges of today and tomorrow.

What are the integrated services at ACFOffice

Asset assistance

Our experts advise and guide you in the operational and day-to-day management of your assets. Their mission?

  • To guarantee the smooth operation of the family strategy at the administrative, accounting and financial levels)
  • Conducting personalized legal and corporate follow-up.
  • Providing ongoing management of real estate assets
  • Rationalizing the management of insurance contracts.
  • Centralizing asset information and issuing regular reports.


Our specialists help you think about succession matters and prepare a smooth transmission to the next generation.

  • Making heirs aware of issues around succession.
  • Preventing family conflicts
  • Analysing the legal and tax aspects of the various options
  • Ensuring coordination with all advisors (lawyers, notaries, bankers, etc.).

Realizing your plans

ACF Group’s teams guide you in taking decisions and in realizing your life plans.

  • Analyses of legal structuring and financial planning
  • Assistance with administrative and legal tasks
  • Tax advice.

Centralization of documents

Overview of assets

Graphic analyses

External access to reliable third parties 24/7 access

ACFOffice au service de votre patrimoine

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    Find out more about our Belgian

    and Luxembourg tax services

    Within the ACF Group, our tax services are based on the legal and accounting skills of our teams. We put in place financial structures that are fully compliant with the relevant Belgian and Luxembourg legislation.

    The rules under the Money Laundering Act impose a strict and structured organisation, both at an internal and customer level. You will be able to get the most out of your business, whilst at the same time complying with your obligations, only if you are familiar with the tax regulations in force in each country.