Acquisition et vente d'entreprise


Are you selling your business and wish to show potential buyers that it involves little or no legal, accounting or tax risk?

We analyse all relevant documents concerning your company and prepare a full due diligence report, thus offering indispensable assurance as to the quality of the entity you wish to sell.

The conclusions of that report generally serve as a significant argument during the negotiations and thus affect the final sale price.

Whether the entity is a family firm that has developed over the generations or a more short-term, purely financial investment, we are aware that the right valuation of your assets is essential for you.

As a result, we make our know-how and professionalism at the service of your assets.

Our teams become involved in your projects, listen to you and accompany you from the start of the process to the final signature of the sale.

Our reports are clear, concise and complete. Our conclusions are drawn up within the period you set and are presented to you before the final signature is affixed. Respect for your wishes and close collaboration are values that are fully embedded in our business culture.


In order to give you all the necessary assurance during your company acquisition operations, we conduct an analysis for you (also known as due diligence) of the target company from a legal, accounting and tax (direct taxation, VAT, etc.) point of view.

This process sheds light on the existing risks within the target entity and gives you additional arguments when negotiating with the vendor.

Our teams’ quick response and rigour are qualities that will contribute to the smooth fulfilment of our mission.

Our experience in this area ensures that no detail will be overlooked, and you will be able to enjoy maximum assurance before making a definitive commitment to the acquisition.

Our fields of expertise are diverse: real estate, financial and operational companies. Whatever the area in which you wish to invest, ACF Group is at your side and accompanies you to make your investments a true success.”