“Consolidated accounting,
a management opportunity and more than just a legal obligation”

Does your group exceed the legal criteria and have to publish consolidated financial statements? Turn this obligation into an opportunity! Producing and above all analysing consolidated financial statements can give you a different vision of your group, and enable you to improve its management.

Our expert teams will guide you throughout the process: collecting information, restatements, preparing balance sheets and notes to the accounts, managing relations with auditors, financial analyses and submitting consolidated financial statements.

Consolidated accounting can also be done voluntarily, particular for the purpose of gaining an additional management tool or facilitating the granting of bank loans. Our teams are here for you!

ACF Group - Consolidation des comptes

When do you have to publish consolidated financial statements?

The legal criteria for consolidation are based on three aspects:

  • annual turnover,
  • balance sheet total,
  • number of employees.

These criteria vary according to the country and are assessed globally at group level.

In summary, the thresholds that apply in Belgium and Luxembourg are the following:

Annual turnoverEUR 34 000 000EUR 40 000 000
Balance sheet totalEUR 17 000 000EUR 20 000 000
Average annual workforce250250

Practical aspects: consolidation software

We have our own bespoke consolidation software.

Developed internally, it allows us to work with an ideal level of autonomy (e.g. we carry out our own updates and changes).

The documents generated by this software are clear, complete and easy to access.
They allow your consolidated financial statements to be audited quickly and efficiently.

However, if you have your own consolidation software, we are perfectly capable of adapting to and working with it.

That way, you and your auditors will be able to carry on working in a familiar environment, and you get a return on your IT investment.