Picard Construct, a family business in the construction industry and a client of ACF Group for more than 10 years.

Personalised Audit Solutions

Thematic audits: operational, financial, strategic, and anti-fraud, as well as compliance

At ACF Group, our expert auditors provide an in-depth analysis and evaluation of every aspect of your organisation.

Apart from offering experts for any type of audit, our experts are abreast of the intricacies of Belgian and Luxembourg regulations. They use specialist IT tools that leave no room for ambiguity.

Apart from the more standard audits, we have developed anti-fraud solutions to combat this phenomenon preventively, specifically using the IDEA software.

External audits

An external audit, carried out by a chartered company auditor, is an important asset in any decision-making process. We conduct our assessments to ensure that you receive high-quality financial information.

Among our clients, we have industrial companies and commercial companies, as well as organisations in the public sector, intermunicipal utilities and the hospital sector. We can also be appointed as legal experts, administrators or interim administrators by the courts.

Audits of annual accounts

ACF Group is able to provide any legal service relating to accounts certification, contractual audit and spot audits.

  • Review of annual and consolidated accounts: in line with Belgian, Luxembourg or IFRS accounting standards.
  • Company auditing services: statutory audit tasks for Luxembourg public limited companies.
Mentions légales - Loi et réglementations


The law and certain
regulations entrust us with other legal services:

  • Contributions in kind and quasi contributions
  • Conversion of legal status
  • Liquidation
  • Mergers and divisions
  • Environmental certification (Fost Plus, Val-I-Pack etc.)
  • Interim dividend distribution and share issuance below par value, and more.
Expertises judiciaires


We offer legal expertise for arbitration and mediation cases. This can include:

  • Compensation and damage assessment
  • Bankruptcy prevention
  • Evaluation of restructuring plans
  • Action to take for legal restructuring

Company valuation

Assessment of businesses, domains and clients. If you are planning to sell your business or restructure your assets, we can assess your company using economic and financial methods.

The right value. The right price.


The purchase or sale of a company requires expert assistance during the assessment stage, given the importance of the transaction for both sellers and buyers.

With a financial valuation of the company based on its financial statements, you will be in a position to open negotiations armed with information on the company’s theoretical value, calculated using financial valuation methods.



The support of an expert when selling or buying a company will be vital because business valuation is a very complex matter. The valuation parameters will be decisive, i.e. certain macroeconomic data, the growth of the company, the economic corrections, past/future investments as well as specific risks for the company related to its activity and its structure, sectoral risks etc. The approach to be adopted will depend on the specific situation of the undertaking and on the type of business.

Méthode de valorisation


These company valuation methods, which are drawn from current financial theory, can be divided into four approaches. The first centres on the company’s asset value; the second takes account of the company’s returns; the third uses “mixed” methods, which encompass both asset and performance considerations, while the fourth covers empirical and comparative methods.

Notion de valeur


It is important to make a distinction between what we understand by a company’s value and its price; while a company’s financial value is based on a theoretical evaluation, its price is the result of a transaction between the buyer and the seller that reflects a number of objective and subjective considerations that arise during negotiations (opportunities, strategy, synergies that a buyer will take into consideration in assessing an investment, etc.) while also taking account of the impact of supply and demand on the price of the transaction.


Due diligence

The takeover or sale of a company is an important transaction that is often strategic and frequently involves large sums. In this kind of situation, you first want to know the value of the company, the structural possibilities and how to optimise the transaction from a legal and taxation point of view.

The potential acquirer will also wish to obtain some assurance as to the quality of the financial statements provided by the other party (due diligence), and know the benefits of the synergy created or the possible risks of such a transaction. Transaction of this kind therefore require in-depth analysis of the company’s situation.


The support provided by an expert facilitates company sales.

The acquisition or sale of a company requires expert assistance, given its importance for both buyers and sellers. A company valuation based on financial statements allows you to open negotiations with a clear understanding of the company’s financial value.

We provide support and assistance during negotiations and throughout the sale process; at your request, we will connect you with a potential seller or buyer.


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