Personnel services in luxembourg

A range of solutions to manage employment laws and your human resources more effectively

With employment and tax laws that are complex and in constant flux, ACF Group’s multi-disciplinary teams will help you manage your Luxembourg staff’s administration and salaries.

ACF - Prestations sociales


Thanks to our expertise in tax matters, employment law and social security in Belgium and Luxembourg, we can help you with:

  • Arrangements for hiring a new employee
  • Preparing monthly pay slips
  • Preparing additional pay slips
  • Managing staff departures
  • Issuing end-of-year pay summary certificates
  • Optimising salary packages (benefits in kind, profit-sharing plans etc.)
  • International mobility (professional expatriation, temporary postings, concurrent activity)
  • Cross-border taxation (Belgium – Luxembourg)
  • Luxembourg payroll administration
  • Declaring periods of illness and incapacity for work
  • Preparing employment documents
  • Assisting with withholding tax
  • Advisory services for company managers on determining pay scale in terms of social security and remuneration structure.


ACF Group can also offer guidance or information for more specific requests, such as:

  • Assistance with collective labour agreements
  • Advice and follow-up on checks conducted by tax authorities, the labour inspectorate, the Luxembourg Labour and Mines Inspection body [ITM] or by social security entities.
  • Assistance in managing pension claims
  • Advice on posting staff abroad
  • Guidance on employment issues
  • Requests for outplacement assistance and compensation
  • Allowance applications: family, education, parental leave, unemployment benefit.
  • Preparing contracts and riders
  • Guidance on employee elections within the company and assistance during the taking of office of employee representation delegations
  • Information on introducing fringe benefits (company cars, meal vouchers etc.).
  • Optimising personnel costs, specifically calculating and assessing salary splits
  • Staff recruitment
  • Wage simulations
Acf vous apporte son expérience et son expertise

With clients mainly based in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, ACF Group Fiduciaire Luxembourg is your number one advisor for everything relating to mobility between these two countries.

With vast experience built up over the years, we can provide our expertise in areas such as administrative processes relating to posting staff, concurrent activity and A1.

Because with our experience we are well aware of the complexity of putting in place a concurrent activity or posting staff, ACF Group Fiduciaire Luxembourg can use all our know-how and skills to guide you along the way.

ACF Group Fiduciaire Luxembourg also manages early retirement schemes and pensions.

In these two areas, we can guide you through all the processes you will face, such as simulating amounts, the specific aspects of careers in different countries or anything to do with legal rules.

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    Find out more about our Belgian and Luxembourg tax services

    Within the ACF Group, our tax services are based on the legal and accounting skills of our teams.

    We put in place financial structures that are fully compliant with the relevant Belgian and Luxembourg legislation.

    The rules under the Money Laundering Act impose a strict and structured organisation, both at an internal and customer level. You will be able to get the most out of your business, whilst at the same time complying with your obligations, only if you are familiar with the tax regulations in force in each country.