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Taxation services

Taxation in Belgium and Luxembourg

The financial engineering and tax services offered by ACF Group are backed by the legal and accounting skills of our various teams. In close cooperation with tax lawyers, we establish financial structures that fully comply with Belgian and Luxembourg legislation.

You will be able to get the most out of your business activities only if you are familiar with the tax regulations in force in each country.

Tax and financial engineering services

  • Regular VAT statements
  • Corporation tax statements
  • Personal income tax statements
  • Tax optimisation
  • Asset planning

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ACF Group - Déclaration fiscale

Corporation tax

Every year, your company is in principle obliged to file a tax declaration. This formality can sometimes prove to be complex, and errors in these kinds of documents are increasingly viewed askance by the competent authorities.

To assist you and give you peace of mind, ACF prepares and submits your company’s tax declarations for you to the Belgian or Luxembourg tax authorities.

Our teams are trained, experienced, and abreast of the latest legislative changes and case law in these matters.

Would you like to minimise your tax risks? Let us prepare your tax declarations.

Our teams will keep you regularly updated about changes in these matters, too.

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    Find out more about our audit service

    At ACF Group, our expert auditors provide an in-depth analysis and evaluation of every aspect of your organisation.

    Apart from offering experts for any type of audit, our experts are abreast of the intricacies of Belgian and Luxembourg regulations. They use specialist IT tools that leave no room for ambiguity.

    Apart from the more standard audits, we have developed anti-fraud solutions to combat this phenomenon preventively, specifically using the IDEA software.